This two-bedroom, two-bath property is unsightly all right. It required three, 40-foot-long dumpsters to remove all the clutter. It is not only ugly to see, but it’s terrible energetically!

A cluttered home loses a lot of value.Think about how you’d feel if you were to open the door and head into the residence on the left. You would quickly be overwhelmed and frustrated. It could make the neuro-pathways of your brain into a confused freak-out area. The Law of Attraction works together with energy and there isn’t any way prosperity energy could be present in the left picture.

Instead, visualize how different your experience would be when you opened the door and entered the room on the right. You would have an uplifted feeling. There is order in the room. There must be order simply because that is the way nature’s universe operates. Due to the Law of Attraction, which works literally everywhere in your life, when you declutter your home, bring in order rather than chaos, and move out the compacted energy, you are automatically making room for new high-vibrational energy and a new high-vibrational you.

The chaotic home on the left sold for only £30,000 even though it had a separate dining room, a balcony off the master bedroom and a beautiful yard. After decluttering and adjusting the energy the home sold for £142,000. It’s no secret that decluttering and using the Law of Attraction not only pays in cash, but in the result it has on your life, your money, your interactions, and overall success.

It is definitely the little things that make a huge change. Have you observed how much your surroundings affect you? Most people do not know how important it is to use the Law of Attraction in their home and office. I just came back from seeing a friend who had obtained a gorgeous, new mirror. By using mirrors you can take advantage of the positive energy in your home and increase your abundance.

We placed my friend’s new mirror above her dining room table. Mirrors are wonderful to hang up over your dining room table since the dining room table signifies abundance-and a mirror doubles the energy that is there. That’s correct only as long as your dining room table has something attractive on it, like flowers, fruit, or a beautiful centrepiece. You wouldn’t want to double a bunch of clutter; the Law of Attraction would generate shortage and confusion.

Don’t use a mirror straight across from your bed. If you are looking for love or want to, keep the one you have to yourself. If you are single, the mirror will show you already have a partner since it doubles your energy. If you are a couple, it’ll appear as extra partners, which I’m certain you aren’t asking the universe to place into your life. If you have got closet door mirrors across from your bed, you can simply cover the mirror by suspending easy-to-pull curtains over them and shutting them at night. The way in which you use the Law of Attraction around you, in your surroundings, is equally as important as making use of it in your thoughts, words, feelings and in the way you present yourself.